Victor Betancourt

Owner VFit

Victor Betancourt has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. Over his career Victor has gained numerous certifications and is greatly respected by members of the fitness community. He is considered by many as one of the most established personal trainers in the area. Victor specializes in developing long-term exercise training programs for his clients and for organizations. These exercise programs are goal driven and have proven results.  Victor’s complete body training method has helped his clients meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Due to Victor’s strong passion for the fitness industry, his commitment to his clients and community led him to open V Fit Training Center in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2010.  V Fit Training Center’s facility caters to the needs of each individual:  from general fitness to the elite athlete. Victor’s commitment to exercise and its effects on the community have a special place in his heart.  Keeping the Corpus Christi community active and healthy are his top priorities. Victor started the V Fit Challenge in 2010, which challenged Corpus Christi city leaders to live a healthier and active lifestyle. He also created V Fit Productions with the mission of producing quality running and fitness events to keep the community motivated and moving. 

Victor will continue to be a prominent figure in the fitness community for years to come because of his commitment to teaching, establishing fitness goals, and setting clients up to be successful. 


Gabe Lucido

 Gabriel Lucido is a personal trainer and running coach.  He has been involved with helping individuals meet their goals for over 10 years. Gabriel started by working in the running specialty industry in sales for over 9 years, which has taught him the importance of educating the individual on all aspects of running and fitness. Gabriel’s training philosophy is to incorporate the perfect blend of running and strength training in order to make the complete athlete.

Drawing on his experience as a competitive distance runner and trainer, Gabriel now focuses mainly on the goals set out by him and the individual he is training. Gabriel is passionate about your goals and with his help and expertise success will be achieved.